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Baby Toy Reviews

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Newborns, babies and toddlers all need toys that help stimulate their natural development and creativity. If you’re a new parent, you already have so much on your mind. Changing nappies, sleep routines, teething, feeding times, sterilizing bottles, tummy time, onesie sizes, developmental milestones, blanket weights, and all while you barely getting any sleep! You don’t have time to think keep up with the best new baby toys, you have some many other things on your mind!

If you’re a friend, grandparent, or family member, coming up with great gift ideas for babies and toddlers might seem impossible. There are so many different baby toys, practical options and cute mementos, how can you ever choose the right one?

Maybe you’ve been trying to come up with baby shower gift ideas but are struggling to find that perfect item. Should it be something for the baby, something for the parents or something for the whole family? You just want to get a gift that shows your truly care, but what to pick!?

That's where New Baby Toys comes in!

Instead of wondering if that fancy new toy you saw on YouTube will really help your baby develop hand-eye coordination, we’ll give you peace of mind. Instead of deliberating over whether the gift you are buying is age appropriate or safe, we give you confidence that your gift will be loved by the little bundle of joy! Instead of wondering if the toy you’ve chose is practical, educational, versatile and pragmatic, we will let you know the pros and cons to help guide your decision.

Our comprehensive reviews and guides focus on your baby’s fundamental needs, addressing everything from education and entertainment, to safety and development of fine motor skills. We provide you with guidance on the best new baby toys to help your child reach each of the developmental milestones. We also offer a definitive, educational guide for parents, friends and family to make sure that they choose the best new baby toys and have put together a very fancy and comprehensive developmental milestones chart for infants and toddlers. There’s so much to explore!

So come play with our new baby toys today!

If you’d like to learn more about the site, me and my little boy, then come with me on us on an an epic journey and hear the full story! Feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions you might have and if you like what you see, why not join our Toy Club below!

Check out these awesome baby toy reviews! We focus on the best baby toys for growth and development, safety and of course, fun! As a parent, you can be confident that your child will be safe and happy and as a friend or family member we’ll help you find the best gift idea for babies in your life so you’ll be sure to be the little one’s favorite!