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8 Month Old Activities: Games To Play With Your Baby

8 month old activities

Ever wondered what are the best 8 month old activities that can help your baby grow and have fun? We’ve got you covered if the answer is YES!

The first year is always the most exciting time for new parents. You will find that your baby develops at a rapid pace. By the end of their first year, they are sitting up independently and starting to explore their surroundings by crawling or even walking! 

While it’s not too late to start teaching them new skills, you should also take some time to have fun with them during these next eight months.

Here are some games you can play with your 8 month old baby!

Top-13 8 Month Old Activities

8 month old activities- introductory image

The following are the top 13 games that you can play with your baby at this age


This is one of the best games for babies between three to six months. Place your baby on a play mat or bed with some toys around him/her, then walk away while covering yourself behind a blanket. 

Then peek out from under the fabric and say “peek-a-boo” in order to grab your child’s attention. Repeat the game as often as possible to keep your baby amused.

Follow the Leader:

Follow the leader is a great game for babies who are starting to learn how to crawl or walk. One adult should be the leader and take steps in one direction, while the other parent follows behind with the baby. 

Each adult should take turns leading the game. You can also let your child be a leader if he/she is able to crawl or walk on their own.


This game will help develop memory skills in infants, as well as encourage them to explore and interact with others around them. One parent should sit on the floor with their baby in front of them. 

They should then place a toy under one blanket, cover it up and ask another adult to come over to help find it. This game can be played with older babies too by hiding toys around different rooms or just around the house, but make sure that you keep an eye out for your little one.

Don’t forget to check this detailed guide to developmentally appropriate toys for infants in this regard. 

Animal Sounds:

8 month old activities-picture of animal structure

This is a great game to help teach babies about different animals and their sounds. Have your baby, sit in your lap or on the floor, then show them pictures of various animals and make the noises that they would make. 

You can even get creative by making up your own sounds for some of the animals.

Musical Instruments:

If you have musical instruments lying around your house, this is a great opportunity to introduce them to your baby. Let your child explore the different sounds that each instrument makes. You can even get creative and make up your own songs with them.

Let them explore different instruments and make whatever noise they want. You can even join in on the fun by making some music together. You may also want to check this guide on Einstein Piano in this regard!


Babies love balloons! Blow up a few balloons and let your child play with them. Try to teach your baby some simple words as they move their hands over the balloons. 

For instance, you can say “up” and have them touch a balloon that is above them or you can ask “Where’s the green one?” if there is only one green balloon out of the three available.

Moreover, they can pop them, squeeze them or just watch them float around the room. This is a great way to keep your baby occupied for a while.

Simon Says:

This game is perfect for babies who are starting to walk and learn new words. Simon says is a great way to teach babies about following directions, listening carefully, and staying active at the same time.

You can play this game by teaching your baby how it works and then asking them questions like “What color is this?” or “Where’s the blue one?” while pointing to a specific item.


Babies love looking at themselves in the mirror and it is an excellent way for them to learn about their own reflection and how they can change facial expressions by smiling, frowning, or sticking out their tongue. This game will also help your baby develop self-awareness which is an important milestone.

You can place a mirror on the floor or hang one on the wall and watch your baby explore his/her own reflection.

Obstacle Course:

8 month old activities-baby enjoying

This game is perfect for babies who are starting to crawl or walk. Set up some obstacles like pillows, boxes or chairs in different areas of the house and let your child explore. Not only will this keep your baby occupied for a while, but it will also help them develop their motor skills.

You can even join in on the fun by helping your child navigate through the obstacles.

This can be a great way to develop their motor skills and help them learn about their surroundings. You can also make up your own obstacle course by using things that you have around the house.

Treasure Hunt:

Hide some small treasures like coins, stickers, or jewelry around the house and let your baby find them. This is a great way to help your child learn about different objects in their surroundings and develop their problem-solving skills.

You can even make it more interesting by hiding the treasures in harder-to-reach places.

This is a fun game that will keep your child occupied for a while and help them develop their problem-solving skills.


It’s never too early to teach your baby how to sing! Babies love singing and it is the perfect opportunity for them to learn new words while exploring different sounds with their voices. You can even play some music in the background so they have something familiar to listen to.

Teach your baby some simple songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or let them make up their own song using the lyrics that you are singing. This is a great way to keep them entertained for hours!

Let your child explore new sounds and show him/her how fun it can be with music playing in the background.

Bubble Wands:

Bubble wands are a great way to keep your baby busy and happy! Soak the end of a cotton swab in bubble solution and let them try it out (you can also dip their feet in bubble soap if they do not like getting their hands dirty). They will love the bubbles and the way they feel on their skin.

You can even use a bubble gun so it’s easier for them to pop all of those little bubbles! This is a great activity that will keep your baby occupied for hours 🙂

This is an easy game that you can play with your child using only household items like cotton swabs and bubble soap.


Give your baby some balls so they can have fun playing with them and learn how to roll, toss or bounce as well as improve their eye-hand coordination skills at the same time! 

They will love seeing those colorful bubbles fly around the room and it’s a great way for them to release some energy.

This is a great game that will keep your baby entertained for hours! Not only are they having fun, but it also helps them learn how to coordinate their hands and eyes when tossing the balls around.

Final Words

Your baby is growing up so fast! This list of activities will help you make the most out of every day with your little one. Take a few minutes to pick some new games and have fun playing together. 

You can find all these terrific ideas on our blog, along with many more resources for parents just like you. Which activity did you try today? Let us know in the comments below or share a photo on social media by tagging us.

We’d love to see how much fun your 8-month old has been having this month too!

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