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Are Baby Rings Safe?

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Are baby rings safe? How many times have you heard that question asked? The answer is that it depends on who is asking and how they are using the device. 

This article will discuss the pros and cons of these popular items, as well as some guidelines for parents to follow in order to make their own decisions about whether or not they want their child to use a neck float ring.

Let’s Begin!

What Are Neck Float Rings?

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Neck float rings are simple devices that help support a child’s head and neck while they are in the water. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all serve the same basic purpose: to make it easier for children to enjoy being in the water without feeling scared or uncomfortable.

Pros of Using a Neck Float Ring

Let’s start with the positive aspects of a neck float ring. 

Fun and Challenges

One thing that cannot be denied is how much fun young children can have in their water when wearing one of these devices. For many kids, going into the pool or lake for the first time without a neck float ring will lead to crying and reluctance on their part. 

With a neck float ring, however, that all changes. Suddenly they are free to move around and explore the water without feeling like their head is going to sink. This can be a huge confidence booster for kids who have never been swimming before and helps remove some of the intimidation factors associated with being in deep water.

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baby rings- the benefits

In addition to this, using a neck float ring can also help kids learn how to swim. This is because the device allows them to feel more in control of their bodies and movements than they would without it. 

With this feeling of increased confidence comes an increase in desire for children to keep practicing swimming so that they become better at moving through the water on their own two feet.

But the question is are these neck rings safe?

Are Baby Neck Float Rings Safe?

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The short answer is yes, baby neck float rings are generally safe when used as directed. However, there are a few things parents need to keep in mind before allowing their child to use one of these devices:

  • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and follow them exactly.
  • Have your child use the neck float ring only in water that is no deeper than their shoulders.
  • Be sure to keep a close eye on your little one anytime they are out of arm’s reach, and do not allow them to play with these rings unsupervised (even if you think they know better).

List of Dangers Involved

If used properly, baby neck float rings are safe. However, there is a little bit of danger involved in having your child use one (but not nearly as much as you would think).

If Your Child Falls Asleep In The Water

One of the biggest dangers parents worry about when it comes to their children using these devices involves them falling asleep in the water. This is a real danger, and it’s important to remember that children have drowned while using these rings without anyone even knowing the child had slipped underwater.

Do not allow your child to use one of these devices if they are tired or sleepy (especially on long car trips). As hard as it may be for you to pull them from the water and break their concentration, it’s important to do so.

Child not Having Fun

If you have a fussy child who isn’t having fun in the pool or lake, get them out of the water for a while. It will be better for everyone involved if they learn how to love being around water now rather than later when there is more at stake.

Before moving on to swimming, try giving them some riding toys. They’ll surely enjoy swimming afterward. 

Don’t allow your child to sleep in a neck float ring without one of their parents nearby (even if they have been using the device for years and you think they know better).

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If Your Child Is In Over Their Head

Another danger associated with these devices is that children can easily get into over their heads if they are in water that is too deep. This is much more likely to happen with younger children who don’t know how to swim yet and older kids who have weak swimming skills.

Cons of Using a Neck Float Ring

Despite the many benefits associated with neck float rings, there are a few potential drawbacks that parents should be aware of. 

  • The first and most obvious one is that these devices can never replace actual swimming lessons. If you are thinking about using a neck float ring in order to avoid paying for swim classes, you need to think again.
  • Another potential issue with neck float rings has to do with their buoyancy. In some cases, kids can become too dependent on them and lose the ability to swim without assistance. This obviously becomes a life-threatening situation if the neck float ring ever fails or is not there for some reason.
  • As mentioned above, children can easily get into over their heads if they are in water that is too deep. You can use a safety swim trainer to get rid of this risk. 
  • Sometimes children who use these rings allow themselves to float away from the pool or lake’s edge, which can result in them being unable to get back without help.
  • There have been a few reports of the rings breaking or coming loose while children are wearing them, though this is rare.

Finally, it should also be noted that these devices are meant to support children’s heads and necks in water only up to a certain depth. If you take your child swimming in an area with depths greater than what their device can handle, you run the risk of them getting hurt or even killed.

Parents need to weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision about whether or not their child should use a baby neck float ring.

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Final Words

The baby neck float ring is a perfect toy for babies that are just learning to swim. In addition, it will keep your little one from getting too much sun exposure while they’re playing in the pool or at the beach!

However, you need to follow the guidelines mentioned above to get the most out of them.

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