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Best Xylophones for Babies | Rolimate Hammering and Pounding Toy Set

This seemingly sleek and simple toy set is one sure to delight your child for hours on end! The Rolimate Hammering and Pounding toy set includes what might be the best xylophone for babies AND a shape sorter toy. Both are fantastic ways to help your child develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, color recognition, mathematical concepts, and musical concepts. Being the parent of a young child presents many challenges, but increasing your child’s development with the help of the correct toys does not need to be one of those hurdles! 

Children do not need expensive electronic toys full of flashing lights and noises to learn. What they need are meaningful hands-on experiences where they can manipulate and explore. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) expounds on the benefits of play-based learning for young children. They remind us that play should be unscripted and open-ended. 

The Rolimate Wooden Learning Xylophone and Shape Sorter Toy provides that opportunity for your young learner. The various shapes, sounds, and tools included with this toy offer endless creative possibilities for your child to experiment with and explore!

About The Rolimate Hammering and Pounding Toy Set

Rolimate came onto the toy-making scene in 2015 and has been designing meaningful and educational toys since then. Rolimate has received glowing reviews across the board for their hands-on, engaging toys since they began marketing them. Their toys are quality-made with environmentally friendly, water-based paint, and smooth and soft edges to keep your child safe. Their toys are budget-friendly, stylish, and eye-catching. 

The Rolimate Wooden Learning Hammering & Pounding plus Xylophone and Shape Sorter Toy is a reinvention of the wheel in that it falls into the family of “shape sorting and percussion style toys” that’s been around for generations. The reason these toys have been around so long is quite simple: they work, engaging and educating early learners in a fun and interactive way

Key Features Of The Hammering and Pounding Toy Set Including The Best Xylophone For Babies

  • Educational – This is a 4-in-1 educational toy! The number and shape pieces will help your child develop math and cognitive skills. Shape sorting and the use of the hammer will refine their fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The musical keys will help them develop a sense of musical awareness and tone, and figuring out the different ways to use the toy will develop their problem-solving skills.
  • Stylish – This stylish, Montessori-style toy provides self-directed and open-ended possibilities for your child to discover. It’s natural wood design, and attractive colors will also appeal to your child.
  • Safe for Your Little One – Made with natural wood and water-based paint, Rolimate’s wooden xylophone and shape sorter is non-toxic to your child. Young children love to put things in their mouths as a way of exploration and learning. Parents can rest assured that this toy is both environmentally-friendly and child-safe.
  • Portable and Travel-Friendly – This toy serves as its own storage and travel box, making it the perfect toy to take on a playdate or to grandma’s house!
  • Price – For the price, this toy is a steal! For one low price you get the best xylophone for babies AND the best shape sorter toy. Both are long-lasting toys that don’t require batteries you’ll have to replace every few weeks!

Pros - Why It's Awesome

Cons - Things To Watch Out For

The Best Xylophone For Babies PLUS The Best Shape Sorter Toy - What More Could You Want!

The Rolimate Hammering & Pounding Toy Set is great value, getting arguably the best xylophone for babies AND the best shape sorter toy for one cheap price! With each new discovery they make, their curiosity will only grow as they want to try again and see what happens next! It provides a great opportunity to engage your child in learning the fundamentals of music, shapes, and colors. You can be confident that this toy is a great addition to any baby’s (or toddler) playroom! Order yours now!

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