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Fun Ways To Teach The Alphabet | TeyToys Alphabet Cards

If you’re looking for fun ways to teach the alphabet, look no further! Your child will love looking at these brightly colored cards featuring cute and fun images of zoo animals. This toy is appropriate for all ages, from birth to Kindergarten. 

The colors and creatures provide an attractive source of stimulation for your little one. Whether they are just a few months old or getting ready for kindy, these cards are great. The soft design gives you comfort that newborns won’t hurt themselves and can safely chew to their heart’s content. 

As they grow and can begin to comprehend the animals and letters, these cards provide fun ways to teach the alphabet, promoting letter recognition and familiarity.

About The TeyToys Alphabet Cards - Fun Ways To Teach The Alphabet!

TeyToys are focused on producing quality baby toys with beautiful designs. They aspire to stimulate your child’s natural imagination, helping them to learn, grow and be happy little bubs!

The design of their alphabet cards is no exception. These durable soft polyester cards are made with the roughest littlies in mind. Handcrafted with strong stitching, the cards are meant to be played with and handled repeatedly by your child. 

In fact, you don’t have to worry about the stitching coming loose in the wash, shrinkage, or the colors fading. Every component of this toy is made with non-toxic materials, so your child can chew on them or put them in her mouth with no concern on your part.  

Clean up is easy with the soft and durable basket that comes with the cards. With two snaps to lock the lid closed, there’s no chance the cards will accidentally spill out (unless you’re playing 26-card pickup, that is). The compact storage basket only requires a small space for storage, making these cards easy to transport to grandma’s house for extra bonding time with her. 

Key Features Of The TeyToys Alphabet Cards

  • Promotes learning – There are so many learning opportunities with these zoo-themed alphabet cards. Not only will your child learn letters, but colors and animal names as well. The older, more advanced toddler can learn to associate the words with the pictures, as well as patterning. You can also teach them to put the cards in alphabetical order. Because there are 26 alphabet cards, there is also opportunity to practice clean up by putting them back in their basket.
  • Attention-grabbing – With vibrant colors, fun patterns, letters and words, your child won’t grow bored when playing with these cards. On one side of the card, you’ll find an alphabet letter in a solid color with the name of a critter below the letter. On the back of the card, there’s a playful picture of the animal whose name starts with that letter.
  • Cause and effect – Because this is not an interactive toy, per se, parents seeking cause and effect learning will need to create a specific situation for this toy. For example, when your child repeats the correct letter or animal name, you can clap and give gentle encouragement to continue.
  • Educational – While your child is playing with these fun and engaging cards, they will be learning as well. Your child will quickly learn the alphabet while associating the letters with the pictures. They can also learn colors by sorting the cards into different piles or patterns.
  • Cleaning– The durability of the polyester fabric and stitching make cleaning these cards easy and worry-free. You can either hand wash them or throw them in the washing machine on gentle cycle to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Price – The TeyToy Baby Toy Zoo Series 26pcs Soft Alphabet Cards is moderately priced. However, you can expect these cards to last a long time, ensuring you get your money’s worth out of this fun and educational set.

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Fun Ways To Teach The Alphabet! Simple, Soft and Safe!

Get ready for some fun learning time through play with these brightly colored and engaging alphabet cards featuring 26 different zoo animals. Your child will love looking at the adorable pictures of each creature while learning their names as some of their first words. Exploring the alphabet is easy with the bold and colorful letters on each card. You can’t go wrong with this early learning card set from TeyToy!

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