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Baby Teether Rattles Set by HahaLand

The HahaLand Baby Teether Rattles Set is a must-have addition to your baby’s toy collection. Best of all, its not just one rattle, its 10! The adorable shapes and forms are guaranteed to engage your little one, providing an extraordinarily diverse and multi-functional set of toys! Babies can shake, rattle, roll, and bite their way through many physical development areas. Unlike others, this toy exposes your child to all five senses as they play!

Perfectly sized for little hands, the HahaLand Baby Teether Rattles will provide your baby with endless play opportunities. As for physical development, these toys promote hand-eye coordination, eye-tracking, grasping and gripping all supporting development of motor skills and sensory exploration. Your baby will also be introduced to musical concepts, colors, and animal names and recognition.

About the HahaLand Baby Teether Rattles Set

These delightful rattles have a fantastic overall rating on Amazon dominated by 5 star reviews. Parents are loving these teething rattles and shouting their praises on Amazon for being fun, soft, and easy to clean.

These toys are new to the market, and over the last few months, the positive reviews have been flying in to Amazon! The HahaLand Baby Teether Rattles have secured a spot among the best of the Baby Rattles and Plush Rings category, so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product your baby will enjoy.

Key Features of the Cute Stone Baby Teether Rattles Set

  • The rattles are made from soft silicone with no sharp or hard edges making them safe for baby to play with and teethe on. They are completely BPA free, phthalate-free and non-toxic, so parents can rest easy
  • The various shapes of the handles allow for extensive physical growth as your baby learns how to pick-up, hold, and create noise with each one. The rattles make a variety of noises to provide sound stimulation for your little one.
  • Many of the rattles are shaped linked different animals, including a bee, a horse, a lion, and a hedgehog, so you can begin working on animal recognition and names with your baby. Over time as your baby builds their cognitive skills, they will begin to associate a particular rattle with the noise it makes.
  • This set of toys is intended to promote physical development. The rattles can be used to work on tracking as parents move the rattle from side to side. They also promote hand-eye coordination as your baby learns how to manipulate them.

Pros - Why It's Awesome

Cons - Things To Watch Out For

Shake, Rattle and Teethe!

The HahaLand Baby Teether Rattles Set is a versatile all-in-one toy to promote your baby’s development. They can be used independently or with mom and dad as you play with your little bundle of joy. Your baby will be delighted as they discover all the rattles’ features and learn how to utilize all five of their natural senses

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