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Pop It Fidget Toy For Babies and Toddlers | Dimpl By Fat Brain

Fat Brain Toys are absolutely brilliant! Their toys are colorful, engaging, educational, sensory-seeking, and usually battery-free. The Dimpl toy, in particular, is ingeniously designed with no batteries, no flashing lights, and no music. Despite all those “no’s,” it has the power to engage your child for long blocks of time. With a ridiculous number of five-start reviews on Amazon, this is a no-brainer, no-tech toy your child will love. A pop it fidget toy for babies and toddlers, what’s not to love!

The Dimpl is an engaging and aesthetically pleasing toy with five vibrant, eye-catching, colored bubbles resting in a white base. The simplicity of this toy is amazing. When we first came across it, our first thought was “well, duh.” It’s like bubble wrap for babies and toddlers! Who doesn’t enjoy popping bubble wrap until their heart’s content (or they run out of bubbles to pop)? Babies can push, poke, grab, and pop the bubbles for hours of mesmerized fun.

About The Dimpl By Fat Brain - A Pop It Fidget Toy For Babies And Toddlers

 The Dimpl is a sensory delight for babies and toddlers six months and above (although younger babies may be able to use it as well). Engaging the senses, the Dimpl promotes fine motor skills, cause and effect learning, and sensory exploration. Winner of the Parents’ Choice Gold award in 2018, the Dimpl inspires fun and giggles as little fingers manipulate and pop these colorful buttons in and out. 

As a side note, this also makes a great fidget toy for older children and even adults. The satisfying repetition of popping the bubbles in and out can be mesmerizing and calming. As a fidget toy, the Dimpl can keep busy hands occupied for long periods of time, while quieting anxiety.

Key Features Of The Dimpl By Fat Brain

  • Child and parent-friendly design – The Dimpl toy is so incredibly simple to play with, there’s no need for instructions! Babies and toddlers alike will love how easy it is to push the brightly colored bubbles in and out. This toy is small and lightweight enough for your baby to grab with one hand or both. Made with 100% food-grade silicone and sturdy ABS plastic containing no BPA, the Dimpl is safe for your baby to put in its mouth when teething. The Dimpl is parent-friendly as well; it’s quiet and does not play music or sounds.
  • Promotes learning – This toy is a pleasure for the senses. It promotes fine motor skills, cause and effect learning, and sensory engagement.
  • Attention-grabbing –  From the small yellow bubble to the large green bubble, these vibrantly colored bubbles beg to be touched and pushed in and out by little fingers.
  • Cause and effect – Babies and toddlers learn that when you push on the colored bubbles, they will pop in and out. Once your baby learns that pressing the bubbles will make them pop, they will be delighted and rewarded every time they’re able to do it themselves. Your child will learn to play and entertain herself independently.
  • Educational – Don’t let the simplicity of this toy fool you. You can count the bubbles as you pop them, as well as naming the colors of the bubbles. You can also teach your baby what it means to “push” something, an important physical skill.
  • Cleaning– The Dimpl is super easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a wet cloth to remove any unwanted debris. For a deeper clean, you can scrub it down a with warm, sudsy rag and rinse well. It’s not recommended for your dishwasher or full submersion in water.

Pros - Why It's Awesome

Cons - Things To Watch Out For

A Pop It Fidget Toy For Babies and Toddlers | No-tech Fun!

We can’t say enough good things about this toy. Its simplicity is what makes it so fascinating for babies and toddlers. While pushing the bright neon bubbles in and out, your child will be both amazed and entertained. Surprisingly, all this fun comes in one small, inexpensive, compact toy that can be passed down from sibling to sibling.  

 The Dimpl toy makes a great gift. Parents will appreciate this battery-free, no-tech toy. Without lights, music, or other sounds, this is perfect for the unplugged parent. The easy to clean design makes it even more loved.

 We highly recommend this toy for your baby, toddler, and even your special needs child.

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