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Blocks For Babies | One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks By B. Toys

Blocks are the essential and most basic of all baby toys. It is how our children begin to learn trial and error, problem-solving, flexible thinking, and fine motor control. B. Toys offers the classic building toy with a new twist. Their One, Two Squeeze Baby Blocks are fashioned to be squeezy and chewable and come in unique and attractive colors. You won’t find blocks for babies like these anywhere else!  

Babies love to explore both through their hands and their mouths. It’s how they begin to make sense of the world around them. B. Toys One, Two Squeeze Blocks are soft so babies can safely explore them by mouthing and chewing. And because these blocks are squishy and light, parents don’t need to worry about anyone being hurt or items broken if they happen to leave baby’s tiny hands! Each block is the perfect size for your little one to squeeze and hold, thus developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. With numbers and animals on the sides, your child can have a jump start at learning about math and nature as well as enjoy exploring the texture each block provides.

About The One Two Squeeze Blocks By B.Toys - Blocks For Babies

B. Toys is a major toy manufacturer and prides itself on recreating the classics. B. Toys, which fall under Battat, have been designing and manufacturing toys since 1897 and is still family-owned to this day. These toys are so popular and well-loved on Amazon that out of over 4,200 reviews, less than 1% left 1 or 2-star reviews. B. Toys make safety their first priority and pass all U.S., Canadian, and European safety standards for toys. All of their toys come in unique colors and designs, making them stand apart from the traditional toys on the market.  

Building blocks are a must-have for every young child, and with so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which to purchase. If this toy company’s products aren’t enough to convince you, here’s another plus…B. Toys donates some of their proceeds each year to support WE, a charity that helps schools and children in impoverished countries and communities around the world. 

Blocks For Babies

Key Features Of The One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks By B. Toys

  • Development – The B. Toys One, Two Squeeze Baby Blocks, promote several areas of development for your baby. Tactile and oral exploration are two of the earliest ways infants process the world around them. These blocks provide varied textures for infants to feel and explore, and they are soft and safe for them to mouth as well. Once your baby learns how to stack, these soft blocks provide the opportunity for your child to feel all the joy and frustration that comes with trial and error and problem-solving.
  • Colors – The colors are soothing, unique, and inviting. Less harsh than some of the aggressive, bright colors of other toys, B. Toys blocks come in attractive, yet less harsh palettes.
  • Early Learning – The numbers, animals, and colors of the blocks provide the opportunity for you to explore these concepts and names with your child, thus getting a head start on some of the basic Kindergarten learning goals.
  • Perfect Size – Each block measures just over 2 square inches making these the perfect sized blocks for babies. Your child will find their little hands have not trouble picking up and manipulating these blocks and as they play, they will be developing their hand-eye coordination each time they pick one up.
  • Top Rating – The B. Toys One, Two Squeeze Blocks are rated among the top ten best stacking toys for children on Amazon.

Pros - Why It's Awesome

Cons - Things To Watch Out For

Making Blocks For Babies Easy and Safe

B. Toys One, Two Squeeze blocks make beginning block play easy to facilitate. There’s not need to worry that your baby will hurt themselves with hard wooden blocks, these soft and flexible toys offer the perfect introduction for your little one to building and learning. B. Toys One, Two Squeeze Blocks for babies are the perfect addition to any baby or toddler playroom! 

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