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Counting Toys For Toddlers | Inpher Frog Balance Math Game

Look how cute it is! This happy little fellow is the Frog Balance Math Game from Inpher which boast 85-pieces to play with and is easily one of the best counting toys for toddlers. This toy is specifically designed to help your little one learn about cause and effect, balance, numbers, counting, maths and addition…all while having fun! This all-in-one STEM toy is a guaranteed way to encourage a love of math and science in your child!

The Inpher Frog Balance Math Game is a fully interactive toy without any unnecessary bells and whistles to distract your child from learning. The pieces are designed so that little hands can easily manipulate them. Please note the box indicates this toy is recommended for ages 18 months and up, but the seller indicates it’s best for 3 years and up. It’s important to be mindful of small parts as they could present a choking hazard any child, regardless of age. The set comes with double-sided addition picture cards so that your child can play with or without adult guidance.   

The Inpher Frog Balance Math Game is designed for a multitude of uses and can keep your little one estimating, adding, and playing for a long time!

About The Inpher Frog Balance Math Game - Counting Toys for Toddlers

Inpher has made a name for itself in the educational toy world by creating STEM toys for all ranges and interests. Bright colors, non-toxic materials, and kid-friendly themes make this a trusted company in the developmental toy world! You can be confident that their counting toys for toddlers are high quality and provide a great learning experience for the kids.

Scales are a long-time educational tool that have made their way to the preschool world…and for good reason! Children begin to explore the concepts of balance and cause/effect when they first start to sit up and then stand up to walk. The Inpher Frog Balance Math Game provides young learners the opportunity to expand that knowledge in a developmentally appropriate way.

Counting Toys For Toddlers

Key Features Of The Inpher Frog Balance Math Game

  • This is a fully interactive toy providing several options for your child to experiment with the concepts of weight, balance, less and more. They can develop beginning number recognition and mathematical skills as they engage with the easy-to-understand picture cards and frog pieces.
  • The frogs come in both pink and green, which allows your child to delve into the concept of patterns as well. They will hone their hand-eye coordination as they pick up and place the frogs and develop their problem-solving skills when things fall or are not equalized on the scale.
  • The included addition cards are divided into three levels to support your child as their number skills grow. Green is level one, which focuses on number recognition. Purple is level two, which will assist your child in counting. Blue is the third level and will teach your child the concepts of basic addition.
  • This toy is made with ABS plastic polymer and other non-toxic materials that have no taste. The edges are smoothed and created without burrs.
  • With so many pieces and parts, this toy is perfect for playing together with others, encouraging sharing with siblings and friends

Pros - Why It's Awesome

Cons - Things To Watch Out For

One Of The Best Counting Toys For Toddlers | Makes Math Easy!!

If you’re looking for counting toys for toddlers, you really can’t go wrong with this one! The Inpher Frog Balance Math Game, 85-piece STEM Math Toy makes learning the basics of math simple and fun for your child!  The color pieces and frog theme are sure to delight any young learner, and the scale can provide endless opportunities to weigh and compare.  Check it out today!

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