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Newborn Baby Toy Set | Rock-A-Stack + Baby's 1st Blocks Toy Bundle

Two classic toys have been brought together in this colorful bundle from Fisher Price. The Rock-A-Stack rainbow stacking ring toy and the Baby’s 1st Blocks shape sorter toy. Ideal for bubs under 1 year old, this newborn baby toy set is a perfect to begin to show your child the fun and wonder that toys can bring to their little world. Both offer great variety and versatility and packaged together they also come with an attractive price tag!

Playing is an integral part of every child’s development, helping them develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. An often overlooked aspect of play is that it also fosters the development of social skills. Through games and toys (just like those in this newborn baby toy set), children interact with their peers and start developing important communication skills. They also learn other underlying social rules, such as sharing, not cheating, and respecting others.

Without the ability to talk and limited mobility, babies up to 1-year-old rely exclusively on their senses, particularly touch, to explore their worlds. This is why they grab everything they can and shove it into their mouths! Fingers and tongues are the main source of information at this point in their lives. Even though they can tell some colors apart, their vision is not fully developed yet. Both of these from Fisher Price are designed with this in mind. They are safe, lightweight, provide variety through shapes and sizes, colorful and too large to swallow!

About The Fisher Price Newborn Baby Toy Set | Rock-A-Stack + Baby's 1st Blocks

Let’s start the fun with the Rock-A-Stack rainbow stacking rings. Playing with the five colorful stacking rings will provide your baby loads of opportunities to practice their movements, particularly through hand-eye coordination, as they grasp the ring and try to take them off and on the bounce-back stacking tower. This also improves a child’s dexterity, as they have to move their hands precisely to be able to seize the rings. 

Newborn Baby Toy Set

Baby’s 1st Blocks helps your baby to develop their problem solving skills. It includes 10 blocks of varied shapes and colors and a bucket to store them. The bucket is designed such that your baby will have to sort the blocks and place them just-so to make them fit into the shape holes. This activity teaches children how to overcome challenges. They also function as blocks and can be stacked on top of one another, again with some practice from your little one. The rings also help with this task, as children can sort them by size or color. In this way, they’ll develop fine motor skills as well as critical thinking abilities. 

Key Features Of The Fisher Price Newborn Baby Toy Set

  • Once they turn 6 months old, most children start seeking opportunities to grab anything within reach. Toys like the Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack and Baby’s First Blocks Bundle are perfect for babies at this age. The colorful rings catch their attention and keep them entertained for hours. When playing with the blocks, infants begin to perceive the differences between various shapes and sizes.
  • As you’re probably already aware, young children at this stage of development tend to put all of their toys into their mouths. The Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack and Baby’s First Blocks Bundle is made with high-quality materials so no matter how much your baby chews on the blocks and rings, they will be perfectly safe. All components of this set are non-toxic. 
  • This newborn baby toy set can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on the child’s developmental stage. For example, in the early stages, babies can learn about the effects of their movements by dropping blocks or rings into the bucket. In this way, they will also discover that objects stay where they’re placed, even if they cannot see them. Then as they grow up, it’s possible to make the game more challenging. By simply placing the lid with the shape holes on the bucket, your child will develop more complex skills as they figure out how to get the blocks inside.
  • This baby toy is an excellent tool for learning and practicing basic concepts, like color and shape recognition. This can be accomplished by having the child say which shape and color block they have in their hands as they place it into the bucket. For example, encourage them to name the colors and shapes, and if they master that you can help them learn to put them together – “red star,” “yellow circle,” “blue triangle”, and so on. The more they repeat these characteristics, the faster they will learn and the better prepared they’ll be for preschool and beyond. 

Pros - Why It's Awesome

Cons - Things To Watch Out For

A Great Value Newborn Baby Toy Set

When choosing the next toy you’ll give your child, the Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack and Baby’s First Blocks newborn baby toy set is definitely an good option to consider. Though its nature is very simple, it helps children develop a wide array of skills. This is one of the baby toys your child can use for a long time, and you may even discover new uses for it as they age. And with two toys in one bundle, sharing and playing together with others isn’t a problem!

Before buying, we recommend that you make sure your child is not too old to use it. If your child is more than one year old they may not find baby blocks and rings entertaining anymore. However, for those children somewhere below the age of 12-18 months, these toys will be loads of fun as they hone and perfect their fine motor, patience, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills. Even very young babies will still enjoy trying trying to grasp the different shapes! 

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