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Best Tummy Time Mat for Newborns | Infinno Water Tummy Time Mat

Expert Jay L. Hoecker, M.D. at Mayo Clinic, talks about how important it is for babies to have tummy time. It provides many developmental benefits for your child and is something that should be encouraged in a safe environment. It can be hard work for the little bub, but it can also be fun! That’s where the Infinno Tummy Time Water Mat comes in. With color and stimulation galore, and thousands of happy parents before you, I think you’ve found the best tummy time mat for newborns!

We use our senses to learn and understand the world around us. Surely you’ve smelled something and remembered a place, or you’ve touched something and it reminded you of some special moment. Experiences are engraved on our minds because of our senses. The more we use them, the more we assimilate to our environment. That is why continuous stimulation is key to the mental development of a baby. Some toys are designed with this purpose in mind, and the Infinno Water Tummy Time Mat is definitely one of them.

The importance of tummy time has been highlighted by many professionals. But, what is tummy time? Simply put, tummy time is laying a baby on their belly. Tummy time can help your child strengthen muscles in their neck and shoulders and prevents the development of flat spots on the back of your baby’s head. You should only do this while the baby is awake and under your supervision! When not under your supervision, pediatricians recommend lying your little one on their back, especially during sleep.

Dr. Hoecker, who we referenced earlier, says that tummy time helps your baby build the strength they need for activities such as rolling over and sitting up, and later on crawling and walking. He recommends starting with short sessions of three to five minutes, two or three times a day, and then incrementally increasing the length of your baby’s tummy time.

About The Infinno Water Tummy Time Mat - Best Tummy Time Mat for Newborns

The Infinno Water Tummy Time Mat is made of food grade PVC (0.3 food grade 16P environmental PVC, to be specific) which is BPA-free, non-toxic, and heavy-duty. This means its 100% safe for your little angel when they decide to chew on it. There’ll be no danger of ingesting toxic chemicals or feeling sick, and do we know how they love putting everything they can find in their mouth!

This water tummy time mat is also 100% leak proof, so there’s absolutely no need to worry about messy accidents! Infinno has a strict durability testing policy for their mats. If that isn’t convincing enough, there’s also a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. If your mat is defective, you’ll have a replacement mailed straight back to you!

The mat’s size makes it easy to transport and place on different surfaces (your bed, the floor, or even outside). It measures 26″ x 20″ x 2.36″ (that’s roughly 66 x 50 x 6 centimeters, for our friends who use the metric system) and weighs 0.71 lb (about 0.3 kgs).

This tummy time mat is very easy to use and pack. To set it up, just fill the outer ring with air and fill the inner section with water! Once you’re done using the mat, you can simply empty the water and release the air. To store your mat, just roll it up or fold it! It can be packed into a suitcase if you’re going on vacation or in a purse if you want to take it with you to your local park.

Best Tummy Time Mat for Newborns

Key Features Of The Infinno Water Tummy Time Mat

Mats like this one promote brain development through sensory exploration. Their colors and textures catch your baby’s attention and help your little one develop hand-eye coordination.

Unlike normal tummy time mats, the Infinno Water Tummy Time Mat incorporates water, bringing sensory play to a whole other level.

This mat is definitely entertaining! As your baby moves about on it, the sea creatures in the center will bounce around in the water. Babies are fascinated by the bright colors and fun shapes.

Along with these benefits, we can also add that the Infinno Water Tummy Time Mat stimulates your baby’s bowel movements (there’s a fun fact for you!), and helps develop your baby’s eyes as they grow. On top of that, it encourages your little bundle of joy to work on their fine motor skills.

The water mat is made for children ages 3 months and up, which is the recommended age to start tummy time exercises with your baby.

Pros - Why It's Awesome

Cons - Things To Watch Out For

Best Tummy Time Mat For Newborns - Simple and Effective!

If you are looking for one of the best tummy time mats for newborns, this water mat from Infinno is an excellent option! You’ll have such a fun time watching your little angel laugh and play it. Babies are simply spellbound by the bright marine background and the cute sea animals floating in the water.

Make your little one’s tummy time more exciting and stimulating with Infinno`s Water Tummy Time Mat! Your baby (and you) will love it!

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