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Pop Up Play Tent For Toddlers | UTEX 3-In-1

This awesome pop up play tent for toddlers has three different features for the little tykes to enjoy, a tent, a crawl tunnel and a ballpit! What more could you want!

The UTEX 3 in 1 Pop Up Play Tent with Tunnel is an exploratory wonderland for your baby! Your little one will enjoy crawling through the tunnels, playing peek-a-boo in the tents, and tossing the balls around. The UTEX 3-in-1 Pop Up Play Tent with tunnel encourages gross motor skills and physical development for your baby or toddler. 

Older siblings will love playing with this toy too, and your children can engage in social interactions and fun games. It is almost 10 feet long, providing plenty of space for movement and activity when fully assembled. Each piece is a different shape. There’s a triangle (pyramid), circle (cylinder), and square (cube), so you can introduce your baby to shapes. The bright colors are another great learning tool and attraction to entice your child to play.

About the UTEX 3-In-1 Pop Up Play Tent for Toddlers

This fantastic play tent is rated among the best of Amazon’s Kid’s Playhouses category and has consistently great user ratings across is several thousand reviews. 

Utex toys can be purchased at all major retailers, and they are well known for their series of tents and pop up playhouses. As your baby grows bigger, you can buy another tunnel to extend the size and play area. One of the best features of their pop up play tents is that they do, indeed, pop up, which means no stressful installation for mom or dad.

Pop Up Play Tent for Toddlers

Key Features Of The UTEX 3-In-1 Pop Up Play Tent for Toddlers

  • Encourages physical and gross motor development as your baby crawls, sits, and uses hands and feet while playing
  • Great for peek-a-boo, allowing your baby to socialize, play, and develop object permanence concepts
  • Big enough for older children to play in, so it grows with your baby
  • The bright colors and various shapes of the tents and tunnel introduce your little one to mathematical concepts
  •   The set comes with all three pieces, including the two tunnels and the tent, and they can be used independently or put together as one large playhouse

Pros - Why It's Awesome

Cons - Things To Watch Out For

An Engaging Way to Encourage Physical Play

The UTEX 3-in-1 Pop Up Play Tent with Tunnel is the perfect way to encourage your toddler to participate in physical play and exercise their growing muscles. This toy is safe, allowing breathing room for mom and dad to take care of necessary tasks. Your toddler can play and entertain themselves within view (or earshot). Babies and toddlers love climbing in tunnels and ball pits, and the UTEX 3-in-1 Pop Up Play Tent for Toddlers is a safe way to bring that fun into your home!

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